Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Five Down, Two to Go

I've now watched the first five Harry Potter movies on Vudu,'s video on demand streaming service. I've actually seen the sixth and seventh movies in the theater already, but I'm going to watch them online anyway. There are some details in those last two that are sure to become clearer to me, with the fresh memories of the entire previous catalog of films to draw on.

I seriously need one of those wands. And a flying broom. I might only employ a broom for mundane tasks like sweeping when absolutely necessary, but rest assured, I'd be rather more enthused about using one in lieu of SEPTA or driving the car.

I'd also like to hit up the Hogwart's infirmary to see if they've got anything to stop my incision from itching. The surgeon told me in June that it could itch for up to a year. Ugh. It's a lot better than it was, but I don't need to spend the next few months wondering when the next "aaaargh, it won't stop itching" bout will take place.

My work schedule got a little jumbled this week. I was supposed to head over to JEJ's today to help with email and other things, but he's got a massive headache. So it's rescheduled for tomorrow, instead. I feel so sorry for him. These stupid chronic headaches have got to go. He was even at the headache pain center only 24 hours ago; even so, the headaches are back already. The painkilling shots that are supposed to last days, if not weeks, only last for a few hours with him before the pain comes back. And he has to wait three weeks until the next appointment? Blargh. I hope today's not an example of what the next three weeks will be like. That would really be rotten.

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