Thursday, August 25, 2011

Mini and Sari

Edie and her hearing dog Sari are staying with JEJ and his mom this week. I brought Mini over to visit, since she generally likes other dogs.

But things got off to a boisterous start when Sari, who's barely past puppy stage at 3 years old, wanted to play and bounce around too vigorously for Mini's taste. Mini (6 lbs) soon had Sari (52 lbs) following her orders. It was interesting to watch Mini teach Sari some doggie manners, such as "don't stick your whole face in another dog's face repeatedly". "AR AR AR" went Mini, and Sari backed up. Then Sari tried to paw at Mini, curiosity written all over her face. I can understand if Sari was puzzled by the sight of a dog that's smaller than one of her toys. "AR AR AR" went Mini, and there was no more pawing.

Once Sari got the idea of respecting Mini's personal space, they got on fine.

Incidentally, Edie said that during the earthquake on Tuesday, Sari was trying to "alert" Edie to what was going on. She nudged Edie and then lay down on the floor. (A hearing dog is supposed to alert its owner by nudging at them and then leading them to the source of the sound, touching it to show that's where the sound was coming from.) Edie wasn't sure what the dog was trying to alert her to, until she turned on the TV and saw the news reports about the earthquake.

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