Saturday, August 27, 2011

Raindrops Are Falling On My Head

Mark and I just got home from JFM and JR's. The rain isn't quite heavy yet, but it's steady and the wind is picking up. One block we drove through had green, leafy broken twigs all over the street. If that's what their street looks like now, I hate to think of what it'll look like when the REAL wind hits overnight.

We took our wind chimes indoors, so they won't become a projectile at any point during the night. We expect sustained winds of 50 MPH with gusts of 65-70. There have been easily a dozen flood warnings today on the NOAA weather radio. Now we're getting tornado warnings issued for all over south NJ, including Atlantic City, and for several PA and NJ counties south of Philly. DISLIKE.

I called my parents. They're doing OK. They have a sump pump in the basement now, so there's less concern of having a flooded cellar. Other than that, everything's relatively quiet. And rain-soaked.

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