Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Still more adventures to report. This afternoon, I looked out the window and it was so dark outside, it seemed that evening was approaching. In fact, I checked my watch to make sure that I hadn't lost track of time somehow and unintentionally stayed well past my normal departure time. But it was about 3 PM, and the darkness was caused by the combination of the charcoal-grey cloud cover overhead and the torrential downpour. What was unusual about this was how LONG the condition persisted. About a half-hour later, I looked out the window and the scene wasn't much lighter.

At about 4 PM, I noticed a police car pulling up to the entrance of the building. Not long afterward, the announcement was made over the PA system that traffic was being directed away from Brace Road (a nearby street that I used to use to commute to work before I found a shorter route).

When I left for home, the traffic wasn't heavier than usual. I thought roads I use might be more congested, if people were detoured away from Brace Road, but no. However, the drive was still murder because the visibility was abysmal. Once again, the rain was coming down faster than the full-speed windshield wipers could clear it away.

I had KYW News Radio on, hoping to get advance warning of any other detours or road closures. Instead, I got a pretty major surprise from one of their news reports. It seems that the problem on Brace Road had been caused by a suspected TORNADO that touched down at about 3:40, less than a mile from my workplace. Good freaking grief! No wonder the sky was so dark this afternoon!

I came home to another weather-radio-alarm marathon, as flash flood warnings were being issued for creeks and rivers throughout the region. I think it's time to call the Philly Zoo and see if the animals are attempting to line up in pairs. This is insane.

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