Friday, September 24, 2004

It's always something.

The lady whom I assist in the file room for part of my day told me something that I'm not sure too many other people are aware of yet.

She might be leaving. Her husband is interviewing for a position which would involve relocating. If he gets hired, it would also mean that she leaves here.

If she goes, I'll apply for her position. Even though the file room's lights hurt my eyes and it's always too hot in there. And even though the people who go outdoors to smoke tend to stand too close to the building's air intake, resulting in the smoke coming back into the building via the ventilation system.

Hmm... ya know what? I actually haven't run into that last problem in several months. That would be ever since I mentioned to my supervisor that, for the third time in two months, I smelled smoke from something other than tobacco coming into the building while I was working in the file room. Magically, ALL the smoke stopped coming in, tobacco-based and otherwise, soon afterward. I guess nobody wanted to get caught smoking something illegal, or getting blamed for doing so if they happened to be out there at the same time someone else was getting high, so they ALL moved away from the air intake.

It still irks me that people with a permanent job would be idiotic enough to risk it by getting high on the job. GEEZE. They should trade places with me and see what it's like to be LOOKING for a job... while seeing other people who have one not seem to care or appreciate it.

But anyway. If she goes, I'll apply for it. And this time I had FREAKING WELL better get at least some consideration, because I DO the job she does for part of every day.

OK, getting off the soapbox.

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