Thursday, September 23, 2004

On reviewing my newly-published blog, I guess Relative just caught me at a stupendously bad time. I didn't need to do twenty minutes on where have I applied, where I should be applying (that turns out to be places I've already tried and judged me "overqualified"), and a bunch of topics that have been done to DEATH. Not this soon after I got the second company-wide "but this is for employees only and I can't take part" email in two weeks. Last week it was about a ballgame, and today it was about a different outing. And both times, I wondered what my e-mail address was doing on the list, since I can't go anyway. It's not especially considerate of the event planners to have the temps on that kind of mailing list.

Oh, well. I wasn't in the greatest mood anyway. I might as well be inundated with job search conversation now. Better that than having me be in a GOOD mood that gets deflated by the Unending Job Search Conversation from H*ll.

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