Tuesday, September 21, 2004

For the past 10 days or so, I have not been taking the anti-migraine OTC med as a pre-emptive strike. I wanted to see if the migraines came back at all, and if so, how soon they did.

So far, I only had to medicate for a headache on Saturday, when I woke up feeling like there was a boulder sitting on the back of my head.

So along comes today... trouble waking up was the first warning sign. By the time I arrived at work, headache and upset stomach (one of the markers I use to determine if it's a regular headache or a migraine) were in progress.

Thank God for the first-aid cabinet here. When I worked for the bank, I had a bunch of OTC meds for headache and stomach trouble in my desk drawer. But that job's long gone, and those meds are long since added to the home supply and used up (or expired and discarded). But thanks to the first-aid cabinet in this place, even if I was a permanent worker I wouldn't need to use up desk-drawer space to store my own meds. They have a stock of just about any over-the-counter thing that a person would need. So, a dose of headache and stomach relief stuff later, here I am.

I hope to heck this clears up soon. I have the Phan Club general meeting tonight. I need to take minutes while battling a migraine like I need a dozen holes in the head. :oP

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