Thursday, September 23, 2004

Again, I have that "nose pressed to the window, on the outside looking in" feeling.

I just got the companywide e-mail about the next employee outing to a local restaurant/arcade, including a dinner buffet and a game card so employees can play in the arcade afterward.

Just like last week, I got the companywide e-mail describing the time that the buses would be there to pick up the employees who were going to the company-sponsored Camden Riversharks (minor-league baseball) matinee game.

The only problem is that I'm not an employee, though I've tried to become one at least four times in the past year, and temps don't get to GO on these companywide outings.

I really didn't need another reminder today that as far as the company is concerned, the people here consist of "nearly everyone else" in one group, and then there's me. Well, me along with whatever other temps are around, but I don't think there are many. And since I don't know who they are, it's not like there's any moral support to be gleaned from knowing they're around.

At least the PEOPLE here are decent. Not a bit like Harridan Hall, where I was at this time last year, where most of the employees rather enjoyed dumping on the temps every chance they got. Then again, most of them dumped on the other employees, too. Geesh, that place was horrible... I look back and cringe at what it was like to be there. Thank God that working conditions here aren't like that at all.

Enough venting. I have work to do.

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