Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Act of Faith: n. Setting up the sun reflector/shade in the windshield, even when the forecast calls for rain all day.
H is back down here, in this department, now that the person who replaced her in her old job/previous department is back from medical leave. However, she's still doing some work for them, as there was a project she was assisting on while the lady who replaced her was out.

But instead of giving H my data entry work to do, this week she's going to get some of my FILE ROOM duty. *This*, I don't mind. The file room is always too hot and I always manage to get cut on protruding staples and gosh knows what else. (I think I've drawn blood during work hours more times in a year, in that file room, than in the entire previous 18-odd years of work life combined.)

There'll be plenty of file room duty to go around, too, since the person whose PRIMARY job is to work in the file room is on vacation this week. Chances are they'd have been vectoring at least one more person in that direction anyway, so the file room doesn't end up looking like a disaster struck it before the week is out.

Speaking of which, off I go to said file room.

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