Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Holy cow, I can't believe the number of submissions that have come in today. And this is with H having gotten to about 6 of them in the departmental mailbox before I could print them myself.

I spent the morning in the file room, since Joan (the person who's primarily responsible for the file room) is on vacation this week. H was supposed to spend the afternoon there, or so I thought. I just went back there to take care of one file, and there is a BOATLOAD of stuff that is waiting on the shelves to be filed. Good grief.

Fortunately, tomorrow we're doing a switch -- tomorrow, H goes to the file room in the morning, and I go in the afternoon. Because honestly, there is no way I want to be saddled with ALL of that filing when there are supposed to be two of us sharing the duties. Fair is fair. If my supervisor had told me that I was going to be the only one working in the file room while Joan is out, that would be a different story. But if I'm supposed to be splitting the filing with someone, I want to do exactly that: divide the workload with that person.

If there's not at least a DENT made in the tons of filing by the time I get in there tomorrow afternoon, I'm going to sit down and clafify with my supervisor how we're handling the file room duties during Joan's vacation. Just so I know. And just so my SUPERVISOR knows if there's too much work for H to do if it means doing her work, the parts of my work that they're trying to shift over to H, and half of Joan's work. I get the impression that my supervisor would rather NOT see my job end, because my being here keeps the workflow moving faster. But she needs ammunition to bring to her boss and prove that we need someone. If we get a backlog this week, that might be something my supervisor can use the next time she talks to her boss about how things are progressing in this department.

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