Saturday, September 18, 2004

What a mess! The weather-alert radio has just gone off for the umpteenth time today. This warning was for "major flooding" forecast for the Delaware River at New Hope and Washington Crossing. Geesh, we were just THERE two weekends ago!

I hate this. We're getting the remnants of Hurricane Ivan now. And even though it's no longer a hurricane, tropical storm, or whatever, it's still creating a trail of damage wherever it passes. The only difference is that instead of wreaking havoc with high winds AND flooding, now it's just causing floods. I have a feeling that anyone who suffers property damage thanks to this weather system isn't going to care much whether Ivan was still a hurricane or not when the damage occurred.

I'll have to keep an eye on things, and see if I can find any news reports of the aftermath of this storm. I hope there won't be too much damage to write about.

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