Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Whew. Hurricane Jeanne's leftovers made a mess of the morning commute!

The cloud cover was so dark, streetlights were on for a surprisingly large portion of my drive to work. And although the rain was negligible when I first got in the car, that quickly progressed to a drizzle, a shower, a rainstorm, and a downpour so heavy that visibility was terrible even with the windshield wipers working at full speed.

Of course, said downpour abated only minimally by the time I got OUT of the car. The parking lot's surface was literally running with water about an inch deep (and ankle deep in some places).

I hope we don't see much of THAT level of rain today. The ground in this entire area is pretty well saturated. Prolonged heavy rain is going to put some roads under water, for sure. Some basements might end up the worse for wear, as well.

Thank God we had a sunny, dry week or so following the visit from the Hurricane Ivan remnants. At least it gave us more time to process the water that came down from THAT weather pattern.
Well, this is proving to be an interesting day.

H is out sick. I came in to an email asking me to process the submissions in the Departmental inbox today. And at last count, there have been about 40 of those so far today, with gosh knows how many more on the way before the day ends.

That's at least twice what a normal day would bring, in my experience. In fact, there are more submissions in that inbox right now than there were ALL of last week (it was a slow week).

Gee, I'm glad I didn't call out sick today, too. I didn't feel well (still don't) and was sorely tempted to call out when I got up this morning. Now I get to demonstrate that I can, in fact, handle megatons of submissions that come avalanching in on the same day. ;o)

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