Friday, October 01, 2004

I called in sick today. I had to. It wasn't just the migraine, but the unbelievable fatigue that comes with it... I COULD NOT wake up. When I finally did rouse myself and get up, I was in such a mental fog that I couldn't string two coherent thoughts together. It was kind of like being in those first few moments after you wake from sleep, when you really aren't entirely awake yet mentally OR physically, but you're just aware enough to realize that you're no longer sleeping. Only, instead of lasting for just a little while, and being replaced by actual wakefulness as I walked around getting ready for work, that mental state was not clearing up.

I refuse to drive when I'm like that. If I had a job which I could commute to via SEPTA, I most likely would have gone in to work. But I'm not driving on highways and on the bridge when I'm too ill to think straight. No job, temp or permanent, is worth that risk. So I called in sick. I wonder what the workload is going to look like on Monday... Today was Linda's first day of maternity leave, so we have two underwriting assistants where normally we have three. Joan was out from Wednesday to Friday, and I was in charge of the file room. Plus there are submissions that I have to enter, even though H is getting more of that workload. (I guess this day could have been a dry run so they can see what it'd be like if Joan leaves and my assignment is ended. I hope it was a zoo today with a ton of submissions. ;o) )

The kicker is that I STILL don't feel well. The headache is gone but the physical fatigue isn't. I hope I get a decent night's sleep tonight so I can feel like a human being tomorrow.

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