Tuesday, October 05, 2004

HAAA-le-lujah, they finally have a service call to get the Gremlin-infested printer in this department repaired!

No more wasting half the afternoon running back and forth to unjam the @#($(*#@&% thing because every other sheet of paper misfeeds and the evil "INTERNAL JAM" message appears on the LCD screen!

In other news, I am already being shared between my regular department and the file room. Soon, I'm going to be working with the property department as well.

It's kind of ironic -- last spring, they tried to divide my work up among a couple of the workers in property. It didn't work. Now PROPERTY needs someone to lighten THEIR workload for a while, since they have someone who's about to go on maternity leave, and it's MY turn to do THEIR work.

Good. Bring it on. I'll write more later when I know something concrete about this new thing... and whether it seems like it'll last beyond the end of the girl in property's maternity leave. (Which it might not. Who knows?)

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