Friday, October 08, 2004

Beginning on Monday, I am going to spend part of the day over in the Property department, doing some of the entry work of KM, the person who is on an early maternity leave. She's out on disability/maternity leave and has been prescribed strict bed rest. As her due date is in early January, I can understand why they'd want to do everything possible to avoid having a birth this premature... she's only in her 6th month right now.

Ironically, KM is one of the people who, back in the spring, was assigned some of MY input work when the powers-that-be tried to see if my job could be divided among the permanent employees. It didn't pan out and I got my input back after a few weeks. Now it's me doing HER input and other work; I'll find out on Monday just what my job entails when I'm working in the Property department.

I'll also be using HER desk, which is adorned with her own decorations, photos, etc. Once again, I will be spending at least part of my workday at Someone Else's Workspace, with pictures of their family and friends staring down at me.

I really hope I can do as much work as possible from my OWN desk. If you ever want to have a constant reminder that no matter how hard you work, you're not REALLY a part of things, work at someone else's desk for a protracted period of time.

Meanwhile, back in my own department (if anything here can be designated as "mine", a feeling which I have less and less), the only time I get input to do now is when H has a backlog. It seems that they've decided to give it ALL to her and see how it goes.

Having said that... we've already had three such backlogs this week. I guess I'll find out sooner, rather than later, how H is managing at getting the input done in a timely fashion along with everything else that's on her plate.

Is it too much to hope that we have an avalanche of submissions in the next few weeks? ;o)

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