Thursday, October 07, 2004

Blech!!! Now I know why there's a trap under the sink to keep the foul air from coming up the pipes!

Remember the electrical-outlet issues I mentioned earlier? Somehow it translated into "there's a problem with the SINK in the coffee room". I'm still not sure what THAT'S all about, but they just finished sawing away the entire pipe that leads from the drain of the sink.

Well, when that pipe was removed and the air could freely enter the room, WHEEEEW did it smell nasty! The file room, where I was working, is right next to the coffee room, and I just gave up on it a little while ago. I withstood the olfactory assault for about a half hour before I decided that enough was enough. I had to get out of the vicinity before my digestive tract started to operate in reverse. I normally do the file room from 2-3 PM, but to heck with the file room this afternoon. I'll go back when the air is breatheable again.

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