Friday, October 15, 2004

Happy one-year anniversary to me... a year ago today was my first day
as a temp in the company where I'm working now.

And in the meantime, I've learned a bunch of stuff that I can add to my
resume, met a lot of nice people... and applied for several openings
here that I didn't get.

Even in my low-morale state, I've GOT to make an effort to apply for
more opportunities elsewhere, instead of just the few here and there
that I've been doing in the past couple of months. I've been sending
stuff out occasionally (and not mentioning it here -- I rarely mention
ANYthing job-related I do anymore to anyone, unless it results in an
interview). But I need to do more.

This could prove to be more challenging than usual, because these days
I feel like I've won a battle just by virtue of getting up in the
morning. But it's time for me to put my persistence/stubbornness (the
same personality trait, named according to whether people
agree/disagree with my stance) to more constructive use.

Although, I did get up this morning. Score one for using my persistence.

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