Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Tomorrow, I'm bringing my laptop to my parents' house so they can look up some information online. They received some literature regarding their health plan, and it directed them to the corporate website to get the full information package. Well, they haven't got a computer, so that's not an option for them.

They tried to call the company's information line and speak to a human being about the health care plan, but the service rep was unaware of the meaning of "donut hole" and what it means to the health care coverage of the company's retirees. That's SUCH a basic term, that once she proved not to know what it meant, my dad was justifiably leery about believing her knowledge of anything else she had to say.

Therefore, I'll be heading over there with my laptop, and my ability to access AOL via dialup, in order to ensure that my parents can go online and review the information package that way.

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