Tuesday, December 09, 2008

It's that time of year again. The Christmas tree is up, though its ornaments are not on it yet, and already the Stripe Committee is checking out the new addition to the decor. We always put the (artificial) tree up first, then spend a day or so tweaking the branches to give it balance and fill in the empty spots.

This is why we made a point of purchasing unbreakable ornaments for the tree: when the ornaments go on, the Resident Felines start thinking that it's a big green Cat Toy Display Rack. Though we try to keep the cats away from the tree, there'll still be the occasional ornament that we find on the floor, nowhere near the tree. Hmm. Must have been elves that put it there, since neither cat will own up to doing the deed. ;)

The tree will be trimmed soon, which is always the precursor to a few weeks of Meowmy and Paw's being on Ornament Watch Duty. Stay tuned. ;)

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