Friday, December 19, 2008

Darn insomnia... I have not slept AT ALL since I got up yesterday. Zero. None. Niente.

So of course, after running errands, I came home to find the ENTIRE BLOCK filled with cars from what's most likely a funeral luncheon. I live near a restaurant/caterer that has a miniscule parking lot, so when they have a large event, the overflow of cars parks along our street. (It's among the reasons why our street has a two-hour parking limit for cars that lack a resident's permit sticker in the window.) So I wound up parking on the far end of the block, in the median strip where parking is permitted, and walking back home in the teeming rain. I sure wish that restaurant/caterer had a large enough parking lot to handle their customer base.

I can't carp too vigorously about the funeral luncheon, though. I'd rather remind myself to be grateful that I'm not among the mourners. At this time of year in 1995, December 17 to be exact, our dear friend Joan passed away. So I can empathize with the people at the luncheon who've lost a loved one right before Christmas. I don't envy them. I've had 13 years to adjust to the loss, and this time of year is still accompanied by a certain amount of pain. I feel for the people who've had only a tiny fraction of that amount of time to acclimate to their bereavement.

Anyway, I'm going to attempt to take a nap now, and I've put a high-priority note on my cell phone to remind me where I parked the car. I'm half out-of-it at the moment, and I don't want to have an absent-minded "Where the bleep is my car?!" moment when it's time to head out to the Phantoms game later this evening.

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