Friday, December 05, 2008

This afternoon, I met Joe and Elaine at Starbuck's. I knew they were running behind schedule, so I brought my XO with me so I could surf with it. The "Give One, Get One" initiative is still going on, so I thought it would be a good idea to get the word out in a concrete fashion.

Out of the time I spent there prior to my friends' arrival and after their departure, I swear I spent as much time answering people's questions as I did actually using the computer. People in South Philly have no hesitation about querying a complete stranger about something that attracts their interest, and the little green-and-white device with its two green antennae certainly did that.

I gave the link for ordering an XO to three people -- that would be -- and I hope they take part in G1G1.

Speaking of the XO, I'm trying to coordinate an Upgrade Party for this month's Philly Users Group meeting. We meet at 30th Street Station and take advantage of the free wi-fi that a few vendors have available. Since a new version of the User Interface was recently released, I'm trying to get as many local people as possible to attend the December meeting to do a mass upgrade. (I've upgraded already and I think it's great.)

One other motivation for my efforts to get a big turnout for the December meeting is this: it will be the only monthly meeting we have during this year's G1G1. If my one little machine interested Starbucks patrons, how much more interesting will it be if we have a whole flock of XOs all in use at once?

So here's hoping that we get a good turnout, plus boost G1G1 into the bargain!

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