Tuesday, December 30, 2008

I nearly forgot. We picked up cookies today at Relli's in South Philly for our New Year's Eve get-together.

I made sure to ask about one particular kind of cookie that we've gotten from Relli's before when we've picked up assorted cookies. Everyone has gone crazy over them -- they're meringue-like and they have hazelnuts in them. They look a little odd-shaped, like they're just kind of dropped in little balls of dough onto the cookie sheet and they end up in whatever random form they bake into. But who the heck cares what they look like when they taste out-of-this-world?

When I described them to the man behind the counter, he knew exactly what I meant. They're called "Brutti e Buoni" -- "Ugly and Good". LOL. Now if that's not the perfect description of what these cookies are, nothing is. If you live near an Italian bakery that makes these cookies, make sure to order some. If not, I've googled them for you and found a bunch of recipes. You can thank me later. :)

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