Tuesday, December 30, 2008

God bless PennDOT. They could use it. We mailed in the renewal form for my driver's license in AUGUST. Did they send the Photo ID card to YOU? That's how they sent it to me.

But all this transpired only days before my knee surgery, so I had other things on my mind and forgot to look for the ID card to arrive in the mail. Shoot, I was on percocet for those first few weeks following the surgery. I could barely stay awake or *spell* "ID", never mind remember that I was waiting to receive anything in the mail.

Well, the inevitable happened. I was at the bank today and when I presented my license, they asked me if I had a more current form of ID. Um, did have a *what*?

I looked at the driver's license and realized, "Son of a blankety-blank, those pinheads at PennDOT never sent my freaking PhotoID! No wonder this needs to be renewed!"

:headdesk: :headdesk: :headdesk:

Thank God I almost never drive anymore. I'd have been on the wrong side of the law without even realizing it.

We printed the "lost/never received Photo ID" form from online, and I'll fill it out. Then we'll take it to a notary, and head up to the Driver's License Center to get the temp ID.

Gosh darn pain in the caboose PennDOT, though. I wouldn't have to jump through these extra hoops if they'd sent the freaking form. Thank goodness I at least have a current passport to serve as ID until the driver's license stuff is straightened out.

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