Saturday, December 27, 2008

I posted a few weeks ago for anyone reading my blog to please send prayers for a critically ill young lady whom I'm acquainted with thanks to the Usenet newsgroups rec.pets.cats.anecdotes.

I'm posting again to renew the request for thoughts and prayers, for her and for all who love her. The ventilator has been removed, and her doctor has described her as being in multiple organ failure, with only the heart currently still working. But eventually, that will also fail. Her husband has cited her wishes and given the DNR order (do not resuscitate) in the event that her heart fails. He and her mother are staying at the hospital round-the-clock.

A dear friend of hers has taken over posting to her Caring Bridge diary, as of a few weeks ago, because she has been too ill to do so for a while now. I get an email every time the diary updates. I fear what I'll see every time I click the link, but I do anyway.

The diary doesn't only have medical updates -- it has information about the patient in their Real Life, the one that they were leading before illness reared its head. Do please click this link to see the good person who is likely to make Heaven a better place before long. The world will soon shrink a bit at the departure of a good human being.

But whether you click the link or not, trust me when I say that she and her family deserve every prayer and postitive thought that can possibly be sent their way right now. And accept my thanks in advance for sending them some of each.

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