Friday, December 05, 2008

I got a bad feeling when today's mail included what appeared to be a bill from the physical therapy provider.

Holy cow, was it ever a bill, for a good portion of every freaking PT session I attended, beyond the copay I brought in at every visit. WTH? Mark is in search of what the actual coverage is for physical therapy treatments, even as I type.

Anyone who thinks that the US health insurance system isnt fouled up needs to think again. We pay good money for the best health insurance that a major corporation offers its management employees, and STILL we're getting nailed with a giant bill. And this is after treatment for an injury, not after some elective surgery or procedure.

What the heck do people with inferior, or no, medical coverage do after an injury? I know that an ER has to treat a person regardless of whether they have medical insurance, but what about the followup care? You can't go to the ER for that.

This is just messed up, period.

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