Saturday, November 29, 2008

Well, we TRIED to look into that new gym that's right near the place where I had physical therapy. Turns out that they're SO new, they aren't open yet. Mark and I got there, but the most we could do was look through the big plate glass windows at the tools and materials that they're using to remodel the site from being a clothing store to being a gym.

I'll look the site up online, as they're part of a national chain, and see if I can register that way. They're definitely taking registrations, but it's not obvious from the literature they delivered in area mailboxes that these are actually PREregistrations at the moment.

Their prices are pretty reasonable, though, so it's definitely worth looking into. If I sign up at the rates they're advertising, I will spend less in one year of membership than I spent on copays for physical therapy.

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