Monday, November 03, 2008

I had an orthopedist's appointment on Monday morning. He didn't extend my PT prescription, so I suspect I'll be discharged from physical therapy after the next couple of sessions.

His advice included, "increase activity to tolerance", which in plain English means do as much as the knee can stand. If it starts to swell up and ache, then I'll know I've overdone it. See: walking to and from the Linc on Friday, lol. See also: leaving the house without the cane and using SEPTA to get from S. Philly to 30th Street and back, then going to the Phantoms game. The former involved a bit more walking-without-a-rest-break than the knee was ready for; the latter involved too many large sets of stairs to navigate cane-free.

I'm learning, though. I'm getting more used to the reconfigured knee and how it responds to different things. And I know that it's improved as the PT and activity has improved the muscle tone, so the end of the PT sessions will have to mean the beginning of my joining a gym. NO WAY do I want to regress to the way I felt before.

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