Monday, November 10, 2008

Rarely do I find the need to express political views in this blog. However, I can't in good conscience let this go by without comment. This comes from Rush Limbaugh:

Noting that a Rasmussen poll showed that 69 percent of GOP voters love Palin, Limbaugh sneered, "So all of you wizards of smart on our side, all of you intellectualoids who think that Palin was a drag, the party loves Sarah Palin. The vast majority of conservative Republicans love Sarah Palin. Twenty percent of Republicans who say she hurt the ticket, you are probably the ones that need to go and walk and join across the aisle with the others that you find so much more palatable because they are able to communicate and they are writers and they are intellectual ... The party loves her."

GOP voters were in the minority on this past Election Day. How does Limbaugh not see that 69% of a minority is an even SMALLER minority? If he's basing his argument that Palin is good for the party on that statistic, he's part of the party's problem, not its solution.

Also, he's inviting people who disagree to leave the party and go to "the others that you find so much more palatable because they are able to communicate and they are writers and they are intellectual".

Um, what?

First of all, since when have the qualities of being "able to communicate", being a "writer", and being "intellectual" become attributes worthy of disparagement? What planet does HE live on? Moreover, does anyone else see this as an implication that if you don't like Palin, but you do like communicators, writers, and intellectuals, then by extrapolation of Limbaugh's logic, Palin fits none of those descriptions? He shouldn't be dispatching the people who dislike Palin to join the other party, he should be INVITING those communicators, writers, and intellectuals from "across the aisle" to join HIS party.

He's got his logic all bass-ackwards here. And if he continues to be one of the most prominent spokespersons for his party, he's going to continue driving away the moderates, and alienating communicators, writers, and intellectuals who might actually have a chance at leading the party AWAY from the ruinous policies that brought it down in 2008.

I got the above quote, as well as a lot of other food for thought, from this Salon article. I think it makes a worthwhile read no matter which side of the fence you're on.

OK, that's it for politics for now. We now return you to your regularly scheduled blog.

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