Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Today, for the first time, I tried to use Word 2007, which Mark installed on our main computer a few months ago. I rarely print from a word processor anymore, and when I do, I've usually edited and stored the file online with docs.google.com on my own laptop first. Then, all I have to do is go upstairs, log onto Google Documents, and print the file THAT way.

But I received some .doc files in my email which I figured would be easy to print via Word.

HA! Little did I know! I think the previous version of Word that we had on the computer was Word 2000. Whatever the heck it was, I was familiar with it. Word 2007, on the other hand, is COMPLETELY revamped. Good grief! I can't freakin' find anything I want to do!

To heck with this aggravation. I'm installing AbiWord on the upstairs computer. It's free, it's small, it runs quickly, and since it's the word processor on my laptop, I know exactly where everything is.

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