Tuesday, November 11, 2008

"Ground control to Major Tom..."

Is there anyone other than me who has a moment of cognitive dissonance while watching a car ad that's got a cover of the above-mentioned song playing in the background?

Yeah, sure, they cut out right after reaching the lyrics stating, "You've really made the grade." But anyone who actually KNOWS the song is aware that the song ends up with the astronaut's loss of communication with Earth and getting lost in space as a result.

I think of how the story pans out *every time* I hear the song, and that includes the car ads. Yeah, that's just what the carmaker wants me to associate their product with: a catastrophic technical glitch resulting in a deceased astronaut. Brilliant move, especially in a depressed economy that has people resisting large-ticket purchases like cars in the first place.

I posted a few weeks ago about songs whose lyrics send all the wrong messages if they're being played at weddings. Maybe it's time to establish a similar category of Inappropriate Music in Advertising.

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