Friday, March 07, 2008

WOW. Holy mackerel. Talk about a blast from the past -- months ago, I applied to become an audio transcriber. I figured that my background as an interpreter, my work experience with IT and financial institutions (which the transcribing company was looking for), and my 85 wpm typing speed would make a good combination for a job like that.

Well, I *just* heard back from the transcribing company. I did well on their transcription test, but they'd had a bit of a slowdown so they weren't bringing new transcribers on board. Now, they've experienced an increase in demand, and they are willing to add new transcribers to their workforce.

I wrote back to say that I am interested in working with them. I also explained that I will be away from my regular computer from March 11-15 due to attending a conference, but I would be willing to work on a document that can either be completed on March 10 or prior, or else begun on March 16 or later. I let them know that up front because while I'm definitely willing to work with these people, I also want to be fair to the clients who are turning in audio files to be transcribed. I don't want to cause a delay because I'm flat-out not at my computer at a time when a file needs to be worked on and turned in. That would make both me and the transcription company look bad.

Anyway, since I did well on the test, if the company doesn't mind the small detail that I won't be able to transcribe for five days next week, I'm sure they will either send me a file to work on now, or start sending me work after I get back from the conference. Either way, I'm all ears. Literally. :)

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