Thursday, March 06, 2008

I learned something interesting today. I think I'll share the wealth, and the lesson, so others can learn from my misfortune.

When every muscle in your body between your shoulders and navel is sore from coughing, DON'T READ FUNNY INTERNET SITES THAT MAKE YOU LAUGH OUT LOUD, AND TRIGGER COUGHING FITS INTO THE BARGAIN. I now have some theories regarding how the phrase "It only hurts when I laugh" was derived. Ugh.

Still, some of the comments associated with this article are worth laughing my head off and dealing with the consequences.

Crocodile jumps at annoying man trying to pose for photo

A tourist in Australia's Northern Territory teasing a crocodile beside his boat annoyed the animal so much that it jumped out of the water at him. The man escaped. From The Telegraph:
Crocattttack"I began playing with it for a photo,'' Mr Mashiah said. "I was pointing at it when it suddenly jumped up at me - I didn't realise that crocs were so aggressive.''

The "saltie" – which experts believe probably approached the boat in search of a free feed of fish – propelled itself out of the water with terrifying speed. After narrowly missing its prey, it smashed into the side of the small metal boat before plunging back into the water.
Link (Thanks, Paul Saffo!)

So feel free to click on the link to the article and read the accompanying comments ("LOLgators: I can haz ijit?", lol). This guy is a surefire runner-up for a Darwin Award, since he came within an arm's length of removing himself from the gene pool in an especially creative fashion. His guardian angel surely has several more gray hairs after this episode.

Anyway, here's an interesting article about how an XO computer was unexpectedly pressed into service during a business meeting, and came through with flying colors. The laptop might look like a toy, but under the bright plastic exterior there's a Real Computer. :o)


dkaufman1 said...

Thanks very much for linking to my article on Techlife. Do you have an XO?

Donna said...

Thanks, and yes I do. I love my XO. If you haven't checked out and its associated forums yet, please do. They've got lots of info and user hints there.

dkaufman1 said...

I do hang out there. I even interviewed Wayan Vota the founder of - here -