Sunday, March 23, 2008

One ALD receives channels 1-6; the other receives channels 7-12. Each workshop room has its own channel.

I tried to send this photo during the convention in LA, but there was no signal in the room where I took the photo. I actually took it at the same time as the other photo of the two ALDs -- the original intent was to show the ALDs from both the front and the back.

Anyway, while we're on the subject of ALDs, something interesting happened on the Wednesday afternoon of the conference. The room we were in was supposed to be using Channel 3 on the ALDs. We couldn't get a freaking signal in the ALD for love or money. I thought the battery was dead on the device, and ran out (and I do mean RAN) to swap it at the Accessibility Services desk for one with a fresh battery. No dice. The replacement ALD didn't work, either. So I wound up interpreting that particular workshop minus the benefit of KC's being able to use an assistive listening device to get a lot of information.

Later, we reported our problems when we went to return the ALDs. The guy in charge of the ALD systems went into the room in question, and lo and behold -- the freaking transmitter, that should have been broadcasting the audio to the ALDs in that room, had been accidentally unplugged. No wonder we couldn't get any doggoned audio during that workshop! Live and learn.

At the NEXT workshops we attended, we politely asked the speaker, prior to the start of the workshop, to please make sure that the ALD transmitter was up and running. So we got an extra little sound check in advance to make sure all was well. Trust me, that's a lesson I've learned for all time. Any time I'm with a person using an assistive listening device, if the presenters don't voluntarily do a sound check to make sure all the audio equipment is operational, I'll make sure that they give the ALD system the once-over so we know it's working.

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