Wednesday, March 12, 2008

FARG the FARGING MORONS from Access Paratransit!!!!! They messed up our ride home! We stood outside the hotel from 4:55 for a 5:00-5:20 pickup time. Did they come pick YOU up and take YOU home? That's how they came and picked US up and took US home.

Very long story less long, after a long, politely irate call to the supervisor at 6 PM, they said the driver was there and waited 5 minutes for us. (BLARNEY, neither we nor the valet from the hotel saw him.) Long story less long, we are waiting till 7:45 (an hour from now) for the next available pickup.

If they don't show up then, look for some interesting headlines from Los Angeles in the very near future. "Crazed interpreter registers on Richter scale. Film at 11."

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