Monday, March 03, 2008

Anyone who doesn't believe in global warming, or as the BBC and others have been calling it for a while now, "global climate change", is just not paying attention.

It's March 3. It's still winter. I've been in Philadelphia proper for at least the past two weeks, and the farthest I have been from home in the past month has been Pennsauken, NJ.

So why did I discover, over the weekend, a mosquito bite on my knee? There is no rational explanation for the existence of a live, active, BITING mosquito in Philadelphia at this time of year besides "The climate isn't what it used to be".

I suppose I shouldn't complain... I'm lucky it's only ONE bite. Usually if there are any mosquitos around, I get chewed half to death. (My own personal record was 32 bites in ONE afternoon in Brigantine. Even for me, that was a bad mosquito day.) But then again, leave it to me to attract what may well have been the only freaking mosquito in the ZIP code that was out of hibernation in the midst of winter. Just my darn luck. While I could always use reminders that warm weather is just around the corner, getting mosquito-bitten was not exactly what I had in mind.

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