Thursday, June 05, 2003

Well! How cool is it when you get to create a couple of letterhead templates for the pretzel company whose products are a South Philly institution? :o)

How much COOLER is it when you get the chance to show the person you're reporting to how to set her new (to her) adding machine so it defaults to having two decimal places at all times? She was missing that feature that she'd enabled on her old adding machine, and I'm glad she happened to say something about it in my hearing. It wasn't hard to figure out how to change the settings.

How about when the office manager asks you to use that new letterhead you've created to compose a letter to a customer (who had inadverdently sent a check for an outdated, too-small amount to cover an order)? The letter's purpose was both to advise the customer that their order was shipped, and to find a diplomatic way to inform them that the prices for shipping have gone up. To my surprise, creating the content of the letter was left almost entirely up to me. And then -- and this was the part that *really* blew my mind -- barely read over the letter I'd created pretty much from scratch before pronouncing "You can just send it out. I trust you". Holy cow! That's some compliment, especially since I've only been there for three days.

Well, all I can say is, if I keep making a good impression, maybe I will either get a call-back from this company if they need another temp, or maybe if they decide they want to create a long-term opening, I can be a candidate for that. Here's hoping!

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