Wednesday, June 18, 2003

So, here I sit in the doctor's waiting room. He has a salt-water fish tank, and wouldn't you know it? I think I found Nemo. :o) Well, this is an adult fish, so maybe it's Nemo's papa, Marlin. I pointed "Nemo" out to the parents of a little tot, who are also in the waiting room, but they have no clue what I'm talking about. Oh, well. I tried.

I hope I get called in soon. I'm tired and I'm not entirely delighted that I have to drive to/from the doctor's office while feeling like this. At least it's a short commute.
Strep throat. That certainly explains why this darn bug has been so hard to shake off, and is such a drain on my energy. A combo of prescription nasal spray, antibiotics, and cough syrup ought to help knock this darn thing out. The sooner the better!

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