Thursday, June 19, 2003

The good news: the meds are helping. The so-so news: when they say that the cough syrup has a side effect of drowsiness, MAN! They're not kidding!

The bakery finally got the signed timesheet for the two days' work back to the temp service. Unfortunately, somehow the fact that I told the temp service I worked until 5:15 one night, and 5:00 the following night, got lost in translation. They turned in a timesheet that ended at 5 PM both days. Grrr... At least the vast majority of the two days' pay was submitted as of yesterday. I have a feeling I can kiss the pay for that bit of extra time worked goodbye, because I can't imagine that the bakery will sign off on the adjustment. These are the people who wanted to know, during the first week of the assignment, if I was interested in working OT for free. (Um, NO, not without being a permanent hire with a salary that'd compensate for working long hours.) Fortunately, it's not a large block of time we're talking about. Good thing I didn't hang around an extra hour...

The biggest concern right now is that I want to be functional by tomorrow, when I have a one-day assignment as part of a mock-jury project. With any luck, I'll adjust to this cough syrup well enough not to be asleep on my feet tomorrow.

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