Saturday, June 21, 2003

AGAIN we have rain on a weekend. Un-freaking-believable. Mark and I are on our way to the double-graduation party being held at my sister-in-law's home. We have one nephew graduating college and one niece graduating high school this year. I'm looking forward to it, though I'll be sure not to get too near the baby. According to the doctor, I shouldn't be contagious anymore, but I'd rather be careful anyway. There'll be plenty of time to dote on the baby when I'm entirely recovered. ;o)

Fortunately, the Schuylkill Excessway isn't too congested going westbound, though we have been running into isolated pockets of slow traffic. It's still better than the other side (heading into the city), which has a 10-mile jam even as I type. Yikes.

Oh, no! we have KYW on the car radio, for traffic announcements, and it was just broadcast that former Flyers coach Roger Neilson has passed away. I'm so sad to hear that. :o( Roger is one of the all-time class acts in hockey, is highly respected by people at all levels of the sport, and will be missed. Much was written about his devout faith in God, and I believe that if anybody is ushered to the Express Elevator Up, it's going to be a person like Roger. I'm so glad he was installed into the Hall of Fame this year, when he was still with us to enjoy the honor. But I *so* wish the Senators had won the Stanley Cup. I know that they wanted to win it for him. I'd hoped he might be with us long enough for another Sens playoff run next year, but it wasn't meant to be. That's unfortunate.
Home again. I found out this evening that this was the first day of summer. Say what? There was no SPRING this year, just a rainy season. Surprisingly, though, this year did not break the record for rainfall during spring. This year's 17-point-something inches of rain falls short of the record, set in 1983, by about 5 inches.

All I know is that my umbrella is tired and wants a vacation, my weather-alert radio is going to wear out if it has to keep signaling flood-warning alerts every few hours, and most people in this time zone have forgotten what a sunbeam or a shadow looks like. There was a movie on this evening that showed an outdoor scene with blue sky and fair-weather cumulus clouds, and I thought, "Oh, wow. Remember those?" Would the sun please come back and stay a while? We're waterlogged over here.

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