Monday, June 16, 2003

Tonight is the election night at the PPPC (Philadelphia Phantoms Phan Club). Even though I'm STILL fighting this virus/cold/whatever, it's pertinent that Mark and I should be there, as the elections for the new officers is being held tonight. Mark is up for Sergeant-at-arms, and I'm up for Secretary. Since it doesn't appear that we have opponents at this time, chances are the election will go through all right. However, I have to check the bylaws on this one, but it's possible that an incumbent COULD volunteer to retake the office, in the event that someone else is running unopposed.

I suspect I'm safe from having this happen, as it appears that no one else is all that enthused about being the secretary, lol. Well, it's about time I put those 70 wpm typing skills I recently found out I have to good use, anyway. ;o)

To be on the safe side, however, I'm going to follow the example of some predecessors of mine, and AUDIO-tape the meeting. I have a tape recorder from the days when I was taking interpreting classes, and I've just put fresh batteries in it. All I need now is a supply of blank audio tapes, and I'm set.

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