Tuesday, June 03, 2003

Amazing. The person who I was supposed to interview with actually FORGOT that he'd told me to come in today. GRRR... if not for that, I could have worked a full eight-hour day. Instead, I went in an hour early and left at 2 PM, after explaining to the temp service that I had 'an appointment' this afternoon. Fair is fair, though: when I originally scheduled this interview, the temp assignment was supposed to start on Wednesday. Only after the plans were made did I get a call back from the temp service, asking if I could begin the assignment a day early (today). I agreed to start early, once it was established that I would be allowed to leave early, in time to get to the interview.

When I originally got the call from the guy in Bala Cynwyd, I asked him if next week would be all right when he asked when I could come in. He answered that next week was too late to schedule an interview, as the client he was already conducting interviews for this position, and it would be best to interview as soon as possible. Well, I knew I had an assignment that began on Wednesday 6/4 and would continue through the rest of this week, at least. I thought Tuesday was a free day for me, so I suggested that and he agreed. What he didn't mention was that this hinged on whether or not the client responded when he faxed them my resume. They have not responded yet, and so he wasn't able to REALLY conduct an interview. At least I got to talk to him about my background and what kinds of assignment I'm looking for. (Full time and either temp-to-perm or long-term lead the list.) Too bad that I had to drive on the Schuylkill Excessway in the rain, just to find out that it wouldn't be possible to have an official interview. Oh, well. Life goes on.

In any event, do I ever love the place where this assignment is! They make, IMO, *the* authentic soft pretzels in Philly, and all others are just pretenders. It's both a benefit and a drawback that the office is right next to where the pretzels are being baked, and the aroma of freshly-baked, hot pretzels is in the air continuously. The benefit is obvious -- it's hard to imagine a better scent than that. If I could figure out how to make air fresheners that smelled like freshly-baked pretzels, I would be rich. :o) The drawback is that it can make you escalate from being a little bit hungry to downright ravenous in a moment. I was good, though -- I only ate one pretzel. It was so freshly removed from the oven that it was almost too hot to handle. Oh, my gosh. Nirvana. :o)

I can see that this will be a week where I get to exercise self-control. Otherwise, before long I won't fit through the door. ;o)

Gee, now I'm hungry. I wonder why?

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