Thursday, June 26, 2003

Well, Blogger is currently migrating my blog to the "new version of Blogger", whatever that is. I suppose I'll find out soon enough, when it's available for update again. Right now, all I see are error messages when I try to edit the blog, bearing the directive to try again in a few hours and apologizing for the inconvenience. Here's hoping that it'll still be possible to post updates from a Windows CE device after the migration has taken place. For now, I'm writing to a text file, which I'll attempt to post once the blog is available again.
Ya know... here's a little example of how AGGRAVATING it can be to pursue a job in this fouled-up market. I just received a phone call (at 8:26 PM on a Wednesday, no less!) from a law firm I faxed a resume to this afternoon. They seemed interested until I answered, honestly, that I have not used macros in Word Perfect. Frankly, since my former employer switched from Word Perfect to Word some years ago, I haven't had much recent opportunity to use anything in Word Perfect, other than the week I spent on one of my temp assignments. In that place, I used Word Perfect to create letters, update some legal documents that had to be posted in the rental office at all times, and create ad flyers. But there was no need to use macros during that assignment, and I wasn't about to BS my way through the question and pretend that there was.

I was a freaking PROGRAMMER for 15 years before I got downsized, for gosh sakes, and the final 12 of those years were spent with ONE firm. Considering that word processing programs are designed to be learnable by people without 1.5 decades of computer experience, I surely could be up-to-speed on macros in no time flat. Heck, I think HARMONY would be up-to-speed on macros in no time flat.

But I have a feeling that I'm out of the running. Because of macros, which my cat could learn. [insert string of expletives here]
The good news: Blogger appears to be back up. The less-than-good news: AOL Mail for handhelds is acting screwy. Man! As soon as one thing starts working, something else acts up. Doggoned Gremlins! I got the tech-support-for-handhelds number from Member Services, but they're not open yet.

I swear, I didn't break a mirror within the past day or so. Honest. It just seems that the Gremlins have taken up residence around here. I wish the Gremlins would go annoy someone else for a while -- two
days' worth of them is quite enough.

I hope the rest of this day goes better than yesterday and this morning have gone. I feel like all I've done in this post is gripe.

OK, here's something positive. Now that I'm on a regular computer, and able to edit the blog, I like the new screen for creating/editing posts. And I L-O-V-E the new screen for editing the template.

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