Monday, June 30, 2003

AOL tech support confirmed that they've got Gremlins on their end, causing AOL Mail to give error messages when a user attempts to log on. It's a relief to know that it's a system problem they're working on, rather than corrupted files or something else wrong on this end. I hope they have it repaired soon.

In the meantime, one blog has led to another for me. The comments on the Salam Pax Photo Log included a link from a Sgt. Sean, who is stationed in Iraq and was inspired by Salam to create a blog of his own. Sgt. Sean's blog had a link which I followed,

I'm finding it very interesting to read the various perspectives of people who are actually THERE, rather than limiting my reading to the voices of people who've never set foot in Iraq (but in some cases, feel convinced that they know what's best for people there anyway). I can't literally walk in these other people's shoes, the ones who are LIVING what I only am reading about, but at least I can listen to and learn from their perspectives.

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