Thursday, January 27, 2005

When I brought Captain and Stanley home from the shelter, I was advised
that they both love those little fur-covered mousie toys. So of course,
that was my cue to run out and get some.

I put two such mice in the basement, and two in the living room.

Captain discovered them first, and has been playing with them pretty
frequently. Last night was no exception: he has been demonstrating all the
many ways that a cat has at its disposal to kill a mouse. He stuns it with
his paws. He flings it through the air and then pounces on it. He delivers
the killing bite.

Stanley, meanwhile, opted to bring one of the toy mousies from the
basement upstairs. While Captain was beating the daylights out of his
mousie in the living room, Stanley set to work on HIS mousie in the dining

Much later, Stanley had moved on to taking a nap and I went to return the
mousie he'd been playing with to the basement. That's when I noticed that
said mousie was soaking, wringing wet. DRENCHED is an understatement.

Apparently, Stanley's method of killing toy mice involves GROOMING them to
death. :o)

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