Tuesday, January 25, 2005

After being the Meowmy to a senior-citizen kitty for years, I'd forgotten
what it's like to have kittens in the house. For example, there is the
occasional almighty CRASH as they explore something new, and discover the
hard way that the something would've been better left alone.

That's how the boys (probably Captain, since Stanley was curled up in the
cellarway when I went to investigate) met the ironing board at 1 AM today.
You know, the one that WAS folded up and leaned against the wall.

As I said, I opened the cellar door and Stanley was curled up in a little
powder puff in the cellarway. Captain, meanwhile, came RACING up the
cellar steps, mrrrrrping and trilling. Then he ran back down, and back up.
He couldn't have been more obvious about wanting me to follow him if he'd
just finished watching a marathon of LASSIE episodes. :o)

And it was clear why he wanted me to go down there. The Evil Ironing Board
was lying across the food and water dishes. Horrors! (How it didn't
overturn any of them is a mystery.) So were a few books that had conspired
along with the Evil Ironing Board and fallen off the nearby bookshelf at
the same time. I probably don't want to know what transpired to bring that
about. :o)

Captain was all brave once Meowmy picked up the Evil Ironing Board. He
figured I had it subdued, so he kept attacking it. Or at least he kept
attacking the 8-inch-long string that was trailing from the hem of the
cloth Evil Ironing Board Cover. He grabbed that cord between his teeth and
hauled at it with all his wee weight, like a dog playing tug of war.

It's really hard to maneuver an ironing board to a new wall on the other
side of the basement when you're laughing uncontrollably. Did you know
that? I didn't know that. I know it now. :o)

This morning, I went down to check on them. The Evil Ironing Board was
right where I'd left it. I hope they continue to give it a wide berth.

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