Monday, January 17, 2005

Good news!

Mark and I visited the Morris Animal Refuge on Saturday. We (mostly me)
met a bunch of kitties, and started the adoption process for two of
them. They're both 9-month old boykitties, and though I don't think
they're related, they did both come in as strays. They have also been
housed together at the shelter, and are already buddies. They're both
IMMENSELY affectionate and outgoing, from what contact I had with them
at the shelter. So I suspect that this pair of purring, cuddlebug
attention sponges will be a good fit both with one another, and in our

I'm actually glad that the cats already know one another and are
friends. It'll save some time for them sorting out the hierarchy once
we bring them home. Plus, each of them will have a familiar face on
hand until they get used to their new humans and their new

Neither of them has been neutered yet, but as part of the adoption
process, the shelter will do that prior to our taking them home. The
kitties will also have their first round of shots, a vet check, and
blood tests to check for things like FIV and FeLV. The medical
procedures should start tomorrow, since the shelter is closed today for
the MLK Day holiday.

I love them already. :o) One is white with orange tabby spots, and the
other is a grey-with-a-hint-of-brown tabby. Their names at the shelter
are Spencer and Bruno, but I've got a couple of other names in mind.
All I have to do is see if the names REALLY fit them once they come

I'm looking forward SO much to their arrival! I can't wait. :o)

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