Tuesday, January 18, 2005


Aaaargh. Suddenly I'm reminded of one of the parts of the
kitty-adoption process. The fact that waiting several days is enough to
drive a person CRAZY.

At least this time, I'm already approved to adopt. That's a change in
procedure for the animal refuge -- that a person has to be approved
PRIOR to selecting an animal, or even being allowed to handle a pet
outside its cage.

When I adopted Melody and Harmony in 1990, I was permitted to handle
them and multiple other cats, prior to even filling out any paperwork.
That meant that I had to wait a few days to be approved and even *find
out* if I would be able to take home the kitties I'd chosen. If someone
else had applied for the same pet(s), and their application was
approved before mine, they would have gotten the pet. During those few
days, all I could think of morning, noon, and night were my two kittens
and when/whether I'd be bringing them home.

This time, my application is approved and it's just a matter of waiting
for a few veterinary procedures to be done. There are blood tests,
vaccinations, and neutering that the shelter will perform prior to
sending them home with me. The end result of a few days' wait is the
same, but the reason behind it is different. The wait is still driving
me up the walls. All I can think of is the dote session I had with each
of the kitties on Saturday, how much I've missed doting on cats, and
how much I'm looking forward to having felines in the family again.

The shelter was closed yesterday for the MLK holiday. They told me that
they would try to do the procedures ASAP, either today or tomorrow, and
that they'd call me with the results of the tests. (Lord, please let
the tests come out OK.) Once everything's done, we'll know when we can
go pick up the cats. The refuge is open late on Wednesday and Friday,
as well as being open on Saturday afternoons. So with any luck, the
family will go from two to four members at some time this week.

Wish us luck.

And patience. This waiting is driving me bananas.

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