Wednesday, January 19, 2005


So I delivered a fax this morning to a Higher Up. It apparently was
printed out from my employer's job-search-related area of their

The person filled in their current contact and employment information,
printed the webpage out and handwrote the attached note on the page: "I
hope to learn more about your co and to appointmet to write ins your
co". Then they faxed it here.

With spelling and grammar like this, I was surprised to see that the
applicant's qualifications listed a current job title that included the
word "Manager". Don't people PROOFREAD anymore? I don't know if there
even IS an opening here (if there is, it's not posted on the bulletin
board yet), what it might be, or what the Higher Up thought when he
read the fax. But I can tell you what *I* thought. I'd have big issues
with a person who didn't take the time to ensure that their spelling
and grammar were accurate, when they were sending correspondence
related to a job request.

I realize that not everyone is a perfect speller or has perfect
grammar. But that's what proofreading is for. And if necessary, that's
what your friends/family are for: to lend a fresh pair of eyes to
review a document and catch the errors that the original author might
have missed.

On another subject: here we go with the good news/bad news again.

The good news: I called the animal shelter this morning and all is
well. The cats passed their blood tests with flying colors (yay!) are
neutered and vaccinated, and are ready to come home. As I spoke to the
lady at the shelter, the kitties were together in the front window,
sleeping in a basket. (See? They're so cute that even though they're
adopted, they're being used to attract interest. :o) )

The bad news: the weather has turned to slop and the shelter, which is
normally open late on Wednesdays, might close early today. DRAT. I want
my cats! I don't WANT to have to wait until Friday night!

I guess we'll see what happens. I'll call the shelter before I leave
work, to find out if they're going to remain open during evening hours
today or not.

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