Friday, January 21, 2005

Well, as you can see if you've been scanning this blog recently, I haven't updated it since the 19th. It's now the 27th.

The good news is, the reason I haven't been posting is that I've been way too busy doting on Captain and Stanley, the new kitties. :o)

So, what I'm going to do, to save time, is copy and paste some posts I wrote to the Usenet newsgroup rec.pets.cats.anecdotes.

I will apply the date/time to said posts on my blog so that it corresponds to the date/time that the post was created for the RPCA newsgroup. That way, the posts are in chronological order and are timely.

So, here goes....
I'm a Meowmy again! :o)

Here are my two 9-month-old boys, Captain and Stanley. They are definitely
brothers -- I verified that at the shelter tonight.

Here's the photo album of their first pictures:

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