Friday, January 07, 2005

Boo on false coffee positives.

What's a false coffee positive, you ask? Well, I'll tell you.

See these coffee carafes in our kitchen area at work?

Well, when you're standing right in front of them in Real Life, you
will notice that the clear glass tubes in front, which are supposed to
show how full the carafes are, have a problem. They're stained with
coffee and in need of a cleaning.

The tubes are SO stained, in fact, that they actually appear to have a
certain amount of coffee in them. This causes people to THINK they are
about to get a cup of coffee when they push down on the lever, and
results in disappointment when two drops of beverage come out because
the carafe is actually empty.

By this point in the work week, I'm tired and I really don't feel like
dealing with these little surprises. I'd much prefer that things work
the way I expect them to work. So I say BOO on false coffee positives.

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